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    Fox High School Theatre Troupe

    Program Vision Statement 

    Educational Theatre should always stay true to its intended purpose: to be educational. The Fox High School Theatre Troupe has always strived to make Theatre as educational as possible in as many ways as possible. In addition to learning about the art form and craft of performance and production, students learn a variety of skills that will be useful in their adult lives regardless of career choice: skills like coordinating efforts in a diverse team toward a common goal with an immovable deadline, while being held accountable to an audience. The Theatre Troupe selects plays with the purpose of educating students about history and literature. It casts with the goal of benefitting as many students as possible while challenging them to work toward their full potential.    

    Program Expectations (of participants)

    Expectations of ALL Actors and Technicians include, but are not limited to:
    1. Following ALL school rules, with a full understanding of their purpose and a positive attitude.
    2. Following ALL MSHSAA guidelines for competition, and always showing a positive spirit of sportsmanship toward competitors from other schools
    3. Following ALL Rehearsal Guidelines as described in each Actor Handbook
    4. Following ALL Shop Safety Rules as itemized in the Technician Guide.
    5. Upholding ALL items on the Production Contract agreed to by each Actor, Technician, and Parent.
    6. Fulfilling all assigned or volunteered responsibilities, and always remembering that the rest of the production is counting on YOU.
    7. Behaving like a professional, but always being respectful of the Art each of us is trying to create.
    8. Supporting, helping, and caring for all other members of the Troupe when they need us
    9. Avoiding ANY and ALL illegal substances and activities, including drugs and alcohol.
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